Golf is changing

So, Lydia KO has slipped back to Number 3 on the world golf rankings.  I suppose this was inevitable given the massive talent attack that is emanating from young players today.  The standards are surpassing anything we have ever seen in the past on the LPGA or any other Women’s Tour.

The issue with Lydia is whether she can claw her way back to Number 1.  We believe that this is highly likely.  Time will tell and when her schedule and support is a little bit more settled the results will start flowing through.  It should be noted that in many of her verbal interviews recently she is constantly referring to her university studies as she looks to qualifying as a clinical psychologist in a few years.  If correct that could explain a lot.

Dean Murphy’s (CEO NZ Golf Inc) Final Word last month summed the entire Ko subject up brilliantly.

However, the same can no longer be said of Tiger Woods.  With his latest bout of car and drug troubles it is now extremely doubtful whether we will ever see him playing at the highest levels of golf again.  It has been deeply saddening to observe this serious and debilitating decline over the last couple of years.  Maybe I am wrong!

Golf is changing, we have the proposed merger between the PGA of NZ and NZ Golf Inc. in the advanced stages of development and it seem that the younger members of the PGA need to be more aware of this proposal as it is pretty fundamental to their career paths.  So, get into it guys and girls.

We do not often comment on personnel changes within the NZ Golf scene, but one recent one deserves serious mention.

Susan Farron, long retired touring professional, current teaching professional and tour host has been the President of the NZ PGA for some years now.  Susan was a reluctant nominee for the role but after finally being persuaded to take on the challenge she has served for many years now at the helm.  She was the first lady in the world to hold down such a role and has done so with aplomb, charm, and success.

Susan retired recently at the 2017 AGM and has been succeeded by Dennis M Clark.  (Not to be confused with Yogi Clark).  Dennis is a long standing member of the PGA of NZ and will be a steady successor to Susan.

Congratulations Susan, welcome Dennis