Time Marches on

Well, we are marching quite quickly through winter and anecdotally it does not yet appear that courses have had any significant weather impact just yet, other than during the days of unusually extreme conditions.  I may well regret saying that!

We have just concluded the Open Championship and what a stunner with Jordan Spieth winning.  This young man, if he keeps his head, has all the makings of surpassing Tiger Woods when he was at his peak.  On the 13th hole on the Sunday and in terrible trouble his imagination, which initially floored some officials, had him take a drop onto the practice range, which should/could have been out of bounds.  At the height of this he then had an argument with his caddie over a serious distance calculation.  He had the wisdom to listen to his caddie and take his range.  Job done.

Then we saw one of the most amazing Championship closings over the final holes that we are likely to see in many a year.

Spieth is bound for Sydney for the Australian Open in November.  That will be magnificent to watch and a real opportunity to see greatness in action.

It has also been announced that Sergio Garcia is headed to Brisbane for the Australian PGA.  That is terrific news.

The weeks are marching down for the LPGA at Windross Farm in October.  Lydia KO is facing serious competition at the highest levels of the women’s game.  When you look at the statistics the girls are getting better and better. Ko is not going backwards at all in real time.  If you have not booked your season passes yet and you plan to go it is time to do it.  Go to their web page, address inside, and guarantee your places.

The dress rulings from the LPGA are curious though.  At the time of writing the Scottish Open is being played at the magnificent Dundonald Links course in Ayrshire, Scotland.  I think there may well be more to come on this subject.  After ignoring all the spurious posturing from certain sectors the ruling (s) could become important.

Finally, I am aware that the USGA were conscious aware that they had to come through the Open Championship without any ruling dramas.  An immense effort went into ensuring that all went well in this enormously difficult subject with Hi Definition TV not helping.  Dave Mangan The GM at NZ Golf Inc, was at the sharp end of this effort.  Dave is now a member of the USGA Rules body.  No dramas and great viewing.