Let’s grow the game

Carrus Open 2018 A42A7567_LR

Final Round at 2018 Carrus Open

The Charles Tour is, in our opinion, one of the most important and highly instructive tours designed in this country.  To put the top amateurs in a 4 round competitive playing environment with some of our better touring players and a host of PGA Coaching Players is superb experience for them, and an opportunity for some PGA members to earn some well deserved cash!

It is also a credit to those clubs who are prepared to take, basically, a week out of their crowded calendars to host these events.  These are not big money earners for the clubs, indeed most would be very happy with a break even, but it is done with a sense of “let’s grow the game”.

The NZPGA, NZ Golf, hosting Clubs and all the sponsor stakeholders deserve a big round of applause again.

Talking of the NZPGA and NZ Golf.  We hear that the long running merger talks have been shelved.  It seems that it got too complicated and with maybe a realization that the current sharing model just might be working.  I am sure that the talking will not go to waste and progress will emerge naturally.

Inside we have our PGA Coaching Pool analyse Lydia Ko and her slippage in the World Rankings and the resulting negative press.  It is a fascinating read and whilst there is only one or two people who really know what is going on it is still highly insightful.

However, she very recently turned 21 so we all wished her a very happy birthday. Birthday greetings were then turned into something more substantial when KO won the LPGA Mediheal Championship Lake Merced in a playoff with Minjee Lee.  Her first LPGA win in ages – She still has it!!

Go KO!

Cruising, who has been, who would like to go?  Inside we offer some thoughts of how to do it and who to use.  We went to Mexico a few years ago and saw/experienced a few golf courses.  It was a blast and comes highly recommended.  Read and book!

So now we arrive at Major #2.  The Players.  It is a Major in our eyes and deserves to be properly recognized as such.  I am sure Sergio Garcia is eying up the 17th green already!!

Will Tiger fire?

Who knows.

We think he will make steady progress and will be amongst the leaders on the Sunday. Time will tell.


The Greatest Game

It was mentioned to us a few days ago that we have developed into New Zealand’s, and maybe even Australasia’s most authoritative and relevant Golf Magazine. This was somewhat sobering and gave us cause to reflect.  Our National and International team of professionals that publish inside are amongst the best and we congratulate them.

We can recall many years wondering what would happen when Lydia Ko matured and grew into an adult.  She grew up believing that golf was fun and easy, she was encouraged to believe in that, her original coach Guy Wilson, was almost fanatic in ensuring that fun was ingrained in her attitude. We wondered whether that would continue as the grind of the Tour became a reality, the continuous pressure to perform, the travelling and the peer pressure from all whom surround her.

Watching her now and her demeanour does not reflect the fun.  The spontaneous spark is missing and life appears tough.  Reality has maybe poked its nose in. The smile is missing.

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko

However, all elite sports men and women, go through these phases.  Ko will emerge and dominate again.

If she wants to.

She is too good.

Go KO.

Tiger Woods is in the same type of situation. The Masters which is being played out as we speak may re define Golf at the very top.  However, he is surrounded by a top rate field and we for one would not put money on the result.  The winner will be the game of golf though, that is for sure.

Dominic Sainsbury, CEO of the PGA of New Zealand, has written the Final Word for this month and he talks about Golf being the Greatest Game of Them All.  He is right of course, and even more demonstrated by the shenanigans surrounding the overall behaviour of the Australian Cricket Team.  They all play Golf so maybe they ought to transfer their attention to our sport!!

Dom also talks about the sports injury costs to the taxpayer and Cricket and Golf did not enter the top 10 Table.

Cricket aside, and in all seriousness, though we looked further at the ACC cost of Sport and with Rugby Union costing our country a massive $78 MILLION dollars in 2016.  Even Snowboarding cost over $6 MILLION.  So how much did Golf injuries cost New Zealand in 2016?