Geoff’s First Word for July

I first met Peter Thomson many years ago when he was visiting New Zealand to attend the NZ Open.  At that time, we were reasonably new to the Magazine and the golf industry and were still getting to grips with some of the Industry Leaders. I had no real idea who Peter was when first introduced but was immediately struck by his presence and genuine warmth.  First impressions were very strong.

Some years later we were at the Australian PGA, at what was then the Hyatt at Coolum, and we were invited to the pre-event dinner.  We were chatting to Peter Senior were reintroduced to Peter.  Even though he – not unexpectedly – didn’t remember who we were, he very quickly caught on that we were from New Zealand and ran this Magazine.  He was elegant and very strong in character.  Every so often you meet someone and think “this person is special”- Peter Thomson was certainly one of those.

We have been watching the announcements over the last 3 years about his general health decline and it was of no surprise to be told of his death.  However, it was one of sadness and Golf is a lesser sport without him.

Peter Thornton has penned a superb obituary on Thommo so read inside for the full story.

Over the last couple of years, we have been reading a lot of newspaper articles on the use of land by golf courses from around the country and have been struck by the sheer simplicity and shallowness of reporting in many of them.  Except for the Chamberlain Park argument most of the journalists have failed to properly research the issues and write accordingly. In our opinion that is!

So, it was very refreshing to receive a well-constructed, balanced and knowledgeable piece on the place of golf clubs in our society and put some balance into the old argument surrounding the proper use of land.  Carl Fenton from New Zealand Golf Inc. has obviously put a great deal of thought into the writing of this and has done his research!!

Nice to read some balance into this emotive argument.

The US Open is done for another year, and again it leaves carnage in its wake.  Personally – Shinnecock Hills worked for me as one can get a bit tired of the +20 type winning scores with the repetitiveness that springs from that. Course conditions of course vary with the weather but by and large the conditions are the same for the entire field.  Some handled it better than others!

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