Publishers thoughts for September

Ryan Fox has now flown off to London with two major goals between now and the end of the European Tour season. A month long break back at home in New Zealand has him optimistic he can secure his place in the Race to Dubai season finale

Willie Moore – a local ambassador

Willie Moore has gone from being a local junior player, to running his hometown golf course.  Not only does he love the golf course but he also really loves the community and what it has to offer. Moore would probably be one of the

Life on tour

Here I am thinking that life was getting a bit warmer when bang - the gales blow and the snow falls. However, it was not cold in the UK and Ireland. Ryan Fox is developing strongly as a tour player and this was amply demonstrated

The Power of Golf

Image – something generic of people playing golf, preferably kids (1st preference) or one of Tiger that we have already used this year The Masters 2019 - an event that culminated in what will surely become one of sport’s most
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