NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 | 23 THE CLUBROOM STORES AUCKLAND: 91 Newton Road, Eden Terrace. Ph: (09) 379 7524 WAITEMATA: 15 Derby Street, Devonport. Ph: (09) 4458716 MURIWAI: 101 Coast Road, Waitakere. Ph: (09) 411 8454 TAURANGA: 295 Cameron Road, Gate Pa. Ph: (07) 578 8465 sponsorship with over a dozen clubs around the Auckland region. “We see this as important to our brand at The Clubroom but more importantly, assisting the club golfers to have a better opportunity to enjoy their golf. We know it is important to assist these clubs to support and grow their memberships”. According to David, “as a team, we have really taken on board the importance of high-quality customer service; it is imperative to making sales and gaining repeat customers. We focus on providing extensive training to our retail assistants and review this periodically, to ensure a high standard is maintained. Gaining regular customer feedback regarding their experience and the service they receive is a useful tool to monitor quality of customer service”. “We also understand our main demographic is a mid- to low- handicapper who is looking for something that will cut three or four shots off their score. We have many of the top senior pennant players spending time with us to improve their performance. Then we have a lot of senior golfers who have seen their scores gradually getting worse, come in and get revigorated as we finally put the right clubs in their hands. We do cater to all golfers and all budgets, especially with the wide range of golf clothing and accessories that we stock”. One part of the industry that has gone from strength to strength is the club repair and work for manufacturers. We all have extensive experience and are specialists in club-fitting and repairs. The Clubroom now does some repair and custom assembly work. According to James, one of the major golf grip suppliers recently commented that he believed that we put on “more golf grips than any other golf outlet in New Zealand!” Having New Zealand Golf Coach, Jay Carter, and former touring professional, Brad Shilton involved has ensured that they remain focused on game development and golf technology. “It is great having them as part of The Clubroom team. Brad has quickly developed a very strong coaching programme at the Waitemata Golf Club”. “At The Clubroom, we have also established a partnership with Paul Greenwood, a personal trainer specialising in golf, as again this is about allowing all of our clients the opportunity to maximise their performance. Paul has worked with some of the top Australasian professional and amateur golfers on their strength and conditioning. We see this service as being hugely beneficial to our players. Once they have a couple of sessions with Paul, some of their previous limitations are exposed and the golfers are able to develop their golfing muscles for enhanced performance”. The Clubroom has significantly changed the landscape of golf, especially in Auckland, as they focus on building a strong golf network. The passion these four friends have for the game, along with their strong support team, and seeing golfers improve, is very important to them. These guys actually live, breathe and love the game. And it shows!