32 | NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 Dennis (Yogi) Clark with Sir Bob Charles and his wife Lady Verity. Dennis (Yogi) Clark's first day at work 1 Aug 1963. 01 How old were you when you started playing golf and who got you started? Where did you learn to play? I was 12 years old when I started playing golf. The Rotorua Junior Golf Club was formed in 1961 at the Government Gardens course in Rotorua. I started on a 50-handicap and was down to 8 in 12 months. 02 Was there a defining moment when you decided to become a professional golfer? Eddie Fennell, the Irish-born Club Pro and club maker at Rotorua Golf Club, asked if I would be interested in doing a traineeship with him. So I left school the day I turned 15 and went to work in 1963. By this time, I was on a 3-handicap. 03 How far can you hit your 7-iron? In my tournament days, 150 yards (with a real #7 iron) and now I’m down to 130 yards. 04 How many hole-in-ones have you had? I have had four hole-in-ones; the last one in April 2019, the first one was 40 years ago. QuickRoundwith Dennis(Yogi)Clark THIS MONTH NEW ZEALAND GOLF MAGAZINE SITS DOWN WITH DENNIS (YOGI) CLARK. YOGI IS A PAST CHAIRMAN OF THE NZPGA. REGULAR REGULAR InterviewwithaNewZealandsportspersonality