42 | NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 PUTTING - IMAGERY: HittingYour Marks AS A FULL TIME COACHING PROFESSIONAL FOR MORE YEARS THAN I CARE TO MENTION, HELPING MY GOLFERS CREATE A CLEAR IMAGE OF EACH AND EVERY SHOT IS EXTREMELY HIGH ON MY LIST OF PRIORITIES WHEN GOING THROUGH THEIR PRE SHOT ROUTINES. I've always been strong on a ‘See it - Feel it - Trust it’ mentality - with the 'see it' having HDMI clarity. This key is especially important when wanting to hole more putts. So in this month's article I'm going to show you a wee mental image you can create to help you visualise your putts better. Whilst keeping it as simple as possible. ↑ 01-03: IDENTIFYYOUR POINT OF ENTRY AND THEN THE TAKE OFF LINE ∙ For me the best way to help visualise a shot or in this case a putt. Is to visualise it in rewind. ∙ That is seeing the desired outcome first. More specifically, identifying the line or spot the ball needs to enter the hole over, then tracking it back on the desired line it needs to roll along, before finally seeing the line the ball needs to start along or take off line post impact. Of course this is matched up to the speed the ball needs to roll at. ∙ So in this picture series as suggested I'm working my way visually from the hole back to the ball. First of all identifying the point of entry, or the spot the ball is going to enter the hole over, as in. Pic 2. And then identifying a spot the ball needs to start along, i.e. it's take off line pic 3. The added advantage of identifying a spot for the take off line is that it then makes all putts straight, as all you need to do now is to putt the ball straight over this spot. The slope and speed of your ball will do the rest. 01 03 02 Improveyourgame-fromNZPGAProfessionals COACHING