44 | NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 ↑ 01: Now grab the tour stick, place this under your grip in between the fingers and the club. Your hands will be slightly ahead of the ball at address. The tour stick should finish at the grip length (towards the clubhead, so no metal against the golf shaft) and be tucked under your lead arm. 01 Five great reasons to join us: 9 Our easy access inner city location 9 We love golf and so do our members 9 You can play selected other courses for free 9 We are the friendliest club in town 9 Special deals for new members Need any more? Our staff are ready to talk to you. ph 09 621 0024 www.akaranagolf.co.nz facebook.com/akaranagolf Not a member of Akarana Golf Club? Howatour stickcanhelp yourswing! THE SWING PLANE IS A TERM USED IN MANY LESSON BAYS AND CONVERSATIONS IN REGARD TO THE SWING MECHANICS. The swing plane is a way of keeping the club in balance in regard to your body and arms. I want to show you a nice way of seeing where your golf swing goes to half way back on the backswing. This point encourages the rest of the swing to stay in balance and deliver the club well. Improveyourgame-fromNZPGAProfessionals COACHING