46 | NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 Hittingupon theballwith thedriver TO HELP YOU HIT UP ON THE BALL WITH THE DRIVER THE FIRST THING TO DO IS GET THE BALL TEED UP HIGH ENOUGH, AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTO (A). HALF OF THE BALL MUST SIT ABOVE THE HEAD OF THE DRIVER. With the new bigger and deeper headed drivers it is important to tee the ball up so that when the driver head impacts on the ball it is hit out of the middle of the clubface. Also you need to feel that your driver is swinging up after impact. The mistake that I see players make is trying to hit down on the ball with the driver and this means that the ball is struck too high on the face of the club and so the ball will fly very high with too much spin because the club head is coming in to steeply. The best way to hit the ball out of the middle of the clubface with the driver is to feel that through impact the driver head is like a jet plane taking off with the front wheels coming off the ground rather than a jet plane coming into land. Photo (B) The other fault that I see with players using the driver is hitting the ball with weight on their back foot, which again will hit the ball too high. As you swing the driver through impact your head should stay behind the ball until impact and then you should finish in a balanced position with your stomach facing the target, and most of your weight on your front foot as shown in photo 3. Remember to enjoy the challenge of hitting the driver in balance and with good tempo. 01 ↑ 01: Golf Ball teed up at the correct height Improveyourgame-fromNZPGAProfessionals COACHING