48 | NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 Educated HandsPART 2 IN LAST MONTH’S LESSON I LEFT YOU WITH THE CLAPPING AND PING PONG BAT DRILL. WE NOW REVIEW THE EXERCISES BRIEFLY AND WITH A GOLF CLUB TO REPLACE THE BATS. Putting it all together you will have a physical and mental picture of how the hands work and a better awareness of the swing movement. There is a saying: “if the club is OK, your swing is OK”. If your hands are moving and functioning correctly your swing will be effective because the clubface mirrors the hands. And another phrase that relates to your hands: “An ounce of touch is worth a ton of brawn”. Developing control over the club starts with small simple swings to get the ‘feel’ of what your hands are doing. This is ‘old school’ golf teaching – training the hands, which are capable of detailed and refined movements, to perform correctly. Next month we will learn a few hand drills such as The ‘Vertical Hinge’ Hammer drill and explain why Wrist Cock should be an action that just occurs as part of the swing rather than a thought about and planned action. To prepare for next month’s lesson use the following drill. ↑ 01-03: With practice you should feel the correct back and down swing to impact. ↑ 04: So now for the follow through. Guess What! Do the same drills in reverse. Yes your through Swing is nearly Identical to a Left hander’s Back swing 01 03 02 04 IMPACT ADDRESS BACKSWING SubscribeNOWtoNew ZealandGolfMagazine foronly$99 NEW ZEALAND’S NO.1 GOLF, LEISURE & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE www.nzgolfmagazine.co.nz Improveyourgame-fromNZPGAProfessionals COACHING