NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 | 5 42 PUTTING – IMAGERY: HITTING YOUR MARKS Kevin Smith helps with better visualisation of your putts. 44 HOW A TOUR STICK CAN HELP YOUR SWING Marcus Wheelhouse on how to use a tour stick to track your swing plane. 46 HITTING UP ON THE BALL WITH THE DRIVER Shelley Duncan provides help on hitting the driver in balance and with good tempo. 48 EDUCATED HANDS #2. Bob McDonald continues on the real role of your hands. 50 KEEPING IT SIMPLE James Loughnane with a simple drill to help you create a powerful, replicable balanced swing. 52 DO YOU HAVE A ‘C’ GRADE SET-UP? Paul Greenwood looks at set up and ‘unwanted postures’. Improveyourgame-fromNZPGAProfessionals COACHING NewZealandGolfMagazine'stopicsofinterestthismonth REGULARS 06 FIRST WORD Geoff Witton casts his eye over what is going on this month. 08 TOP SHOT A golfing picture that caught our eye. 30 SEEING NEW ZEALAND WITH AVIS Gisborne - Home of the First Light 32 QUICK ROUND We have a round with Dennis (Yogi) Clark, well known golf professional. 54 STEP INTO YOUR GAME Podiatrist Stacey Clarke explains the benefit of having a custom fitted insole for your golf shoes. 56 THE LEADERBOARD How players did in the June tournaments. 58 FINAL WORD Update on the New Zealand Golf Industry Council. 30 52 55 RULES Phil Aickin comments on things that have happened over the last month. SUBSCRIBE 40 SUBSCRIBE NOW New Zealand’s No.1 Golf, Leisure and Lifestyle Magazine. + Never pay cover price again. + Free delivery to your home. + You'll never miss an issue. + Subscribers also receive our electronic newsletters.