50 | NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 Keepingit simple HITTING GREAT GOLF SHOTS AND PLAYING GREAT GOLF DOESN’T HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED. Think back to when you last played really well, I’ll bet that you probably had a simple thought or feeling that carried you through. When our game is ‘off’, that’s when we typically go searching and end up trying all sorts of thoughts and feels. Before we know it, the game becomes complicated and confusing. This simple drill with a basketball will help you create a powerful, balanced swing. One that you can easily replicate on the course. I really like this drill in that it allows us to feel a great golf swing without over thinking it. I encourage my students to do this as a maintenance drill as well as a warm up drill. In fact, Henrik Stenson does a variation of this drill every day. Start slowly posing at each position for a few seconds. Then, try and blend them all together is a smooth, slow motion movement. For the more adventurous, start speeding it up. The added benefit is that this can also be a great work out for your golfing muscles. 5 minutes of this drill will certainly get your heart beat up. Use this drill on a consistent basis and you will notice how your shots become more powerful, but more importantly you will sense that the golf swing is simple. ↑ 01: Get into your set up position holding the basketball. Due to the weight of the basketball your arms will tend to hang straight down ensuring the right distance to the golf ball. ↑ 02: Now make your backswing. Try to wind up by swinging the basketball over your shoulder. You will employ your whole body to accomplish this. Do not worry if you cannot get all the way to the top and replicate this picture – go as far back as is comfortable or your body allows. 01 02 GetSocialwithNZGM LIKE US ON FACEBOOK @NewZealandGolfMagazine FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @nzgolfmag Improveyourgame-fromNZPGAProfessionals COACHING