JAMESLOUGHNANE NZPGAGOLFPROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS › MemberNZPGA › MemberSAPGA › British&IrishPGAQualified › 25yearstournamentand coachingexperience SERVICES › IndividualCoaching › PlayingLessons › CorporateClinics › LuxuryHostedGolfHolidays LOCATION › RoyalAucklandandGrange GolfClub › JK’sWorldofGolf CONTACT E:[email protected] www.jamesloughnane.com ThePGAofNewZealandexiststo promoteexcellenceinthedelivery ofprofessionalservicestothe golfersofNewZealand. NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 | 51 ↑ 03: The next step is to swing down to the impact position. Notice how my hips are open, a crucial element of any powerful golf swing. You will also feel the majority of your weight into the left side at this point. ↑ 04: Now complete the drill by swinging the ball up and over your left shoulder. Our goal here is to be fully rotated through to the target and in balance. 03 04