52 | NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 Doyouhave a‘C’Grade Set-Up IN THE LAST ARTICLE WE LOOKED AT HOW THE GOLFER’S ABILITY TO HINGE FROM THE HIP CAN AFFECT THEIR SET UP POSTURE. WE WILL CONTINUE TO LOOK AT THE GOLF ‘SET-UP’ OVER THE NEXT TWO ARTICLES AND HOW COMMON UNWANTED POSTURES CAN BE A RESULT OF PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS. WE WILL FIRSTLY EXAMINE THE ‘C-POSTURE’. C- Posture is when the golfer has excessive rounding of the upper back (See Pic 1). As such the shoulders appear slumped and the spine takes the shape of the letter ‘C’. It is uncommon that golfers setting up with this posture take this position deliberately as a learned move but in fact has several physical limitations that our causing the rounding of the upper-back. Many of which are a result of sitting in this slumped position during the day. Potential Physical Causes; Tight Pec Muscles and Latissimus Dorsi:The golfers rounded shoulders may be as a result of tight pec major and minor muscles and the lats. When these muscles are short and tight, they can bring the shoulder girdle more forward and hence the appearance of the rounded shoulders. Weak Serratus Anterior and lower traps (muscles around the shoulder blades): This can cause the shoulder blades of the golfers to rotate excessively forward on the ribcage and in effect round the shoulders and put the spine into an excessive thoracic curve. David Feeney explains the inefficiencies opposite. ↑ 01: COACHES CORNER – WITH DAVID FEENEY A golfer setting up with C-posture will have limited thoracic rotation due to the limited thoracic extension that this position causes on the spine. You can try this yourself by crossing your hands across your chest and rounding the shoulders as much as possible, now try and rotate the upper body and see how far you get. With limited thoracic rotation, the golfer may seek power and rotation from other body parts which ultimately can end up with an unwanted sequence and a serious decrease in speed and distance. See opposite for exercises to help you avoid that unwanted C-posture. 01 COACHING Improveyourgame!