PAULGREENWOOD GOLFSPECIFICFITNESSCOACH QUALIFICATIONS › TPIfitnessprofessional Level3 › TPIjuniorandgolfcoach Level2 › Over12yearsinfitness industry AVAILABLEFOR › Onlinegolfspecificfitness programmes LOCATION › Theclubroom-91Newton Rd,EdenTerrace,Auckland CONTACTS M:0272220960 NZ Golf Magazine | July 2019 | 53 ← 02: PEC STRETCH ∙ Start by kneeling to the right of a chair with your left hand on top of the chair and your elbow bent at 90 degrees. ∙ Drop your chest slightly and keep the back straight, turn yourself away from the chair slightly to increase the stretch. ∙ Hold for 60 -90 secs and repeat on the other side ← 03: LAT STRETCH ∙ Kneel on the floor with a chair in front of you. ∙ Lean over and put your hands on the chair, trying to maintain a neutral spine throughout. ∙ Push your chest out and keep your head in a neutral position then come down as low as you can to create a stretch down the sides of you back. ∙ Hold for 60-90 secs ← 04-05: FLOOR ANGEL ∙ Position yourself face down on the ground with arms at your sides and palms facing into the body. ∙ Peel your shoulders and hands a few inches off the ground by pinching your shoulder blades together ∙ Keeping your head facing down, in a slow, controlled motion, bring your arms up past your shoulders and up to your ears as clap your hands at the top. Then, bring your arms back to the starting position. ∙ For some it may only feel comfortable bringing your arms to shoulder height and progressing from this point ∙ If experiencing any pain, STOP ∙ 10 -15 repetitions 02 03 04 05 SubscribeNOWtoNewZealandGolfMagazineforonly$99 NEW ZEALAND’S NO.1 GOLF, LEISURE & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE